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An Act Relative to Electric Bicycles in Massachusetts

This week is the co-sponsorship week to garner support for an important Massachusetts e-bikes bill.

Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition has put together some information on the bill and hopes that you will be able to call or write to the legislators in your store's district and ask them to co-sponsor:

"An Act relative to Electric Bicycles"

House Docket No. 1596; (filed by Dylan Fernandes and Jonathan Hecht)

Senate Docket No. 1882; (filed by Sal DiDomenico)

This bill helps clarify the definition of an electric bicycle, recommends basic regulations, and empowers municipalities and jurisdictions to regulate their use on roads, trails, and paths. This bill follows the industry model for a three-class system for electric bicycles (with some modifications). This will help your store in its efforts to sell and promote electric bicycles, and help communicate to your customers exactly how e-bikes are defined in MA statute, and where they can and should be ridden.

The Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition is asking you to contact your legislators before Friday, February 1, and ask for support of the bill (HD 1596 for Representatives, SD 1882 for Senators), and your legislator contact info can be found here:

Any questions or concerns you may have on this effort can be directed to Galen Mook at the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition, his email is

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