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Hello 2021!!!

Hi Ptown Bikers,


Hopefully, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the Covid-19 pandemic.  I think people are chomping at the bit to get away and travel.  My prediction is that Ptown will be bustling this summer.  I expect most restrictions from last year will remain in place, such as the mask requirements and limits on the number of people allowed in indoor spaces like restaurants, stores, and the gym.


With people eager to get outside this past year, the biking industry was so strong that whatever bikes, bike accessories, and bike parts that were in warehouses quickly sold out.  Simultaneously, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused production to slow dramatically, which means warehouses have yet to be replenished.  Last year, I ordered new TREK rental bikes for this season which were supposed to arrive in April/May.  That was already a pretty tight schedule because we need to build each bike from a box... But now I'm told bikes won’t be arriving until July at the earliest, and many won't be here until the fall.  UGH is all I can say right now.  Specialized now says not to expect the bike supply chain to be back to normal until 2023.  Yeah -- 2023!  Also, our cost for bikes, accessories, and parts have gone up significantly. For example, our usual 10% discount for buying a large fleet of rental bikes has been eliminated until the supply line is back to normal. In short, it is now considerably more expensive for us to operate. 


Though it pains me to make this announcement, there will need to be some price increases in order for the business to survive these unprecedented circumstances. New bikes, bike rentals, and bike parts and repairs will cost more.  Everybody at Ptown Bikes earns at least $15/hr, and preserving that is important to me.  I am trying to keep the price increases as modest as possible. For example, a weekly rental will increase by $10 with smaller increases on partial days. Parts for tune ups and repairs will also go up according to our costs.


However, we would like to offer a little shimmer of light for our previous customers.  Anyone who has already made a reservation for the upcoming season is locked into last year's rates.  Also, I will do the same for any reservation made by April 15, 2021.  We will also still honor our Spring Tune Up Special which lasts from Opening day, April 3, until May 15.


Though things are looking up, many businesses, including Ptown Bikes, are still struggling, and I suspect that this season may be even more difficult than 2020.  We don't have any new or used bikes to sell this year and our supply lines are still crippled, guaranteeing that our revenue this year will be less than last year.  Even though there may be more people here this summer -- For which we are grateful! -- we are not out of the woods yet.  We appreciate your understanding and your continued patronage.  This will be our 27th year and we wish to remain your place for bikes long beyond that. Please stay safe and well and please be kind to one another.


Thank you, thank you,

Bill Meadows and the staff of Ptown Bikes

See you in April, 2021

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