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2022 Price and Rate Increases

Hi Ptown Bikers,


2022 will see prices go up on new bikes, accessories, rental rates, and bike repairs.

Bike Rental Rates will increase as of April 1, 2022. Book your reservation before then and lock in last year's rates.

As with every other industry our expenses are continuing to rise.

The main culprit for us is the cost of freight. Freight prices have gone up a lot. Also, bikes are arriving in smaller lots as they become available. In previous years when I ordered 15 or more bikes, they would all ship together and I'd be eligible for free freight as long as I paid on time. Now I'm getting charged $20-45 per bike on any shipment under 15 bikes, of which most are. This is also affecting parts for the same reason. Even though I may order enough parts/accessories to qualify for free freight, it gets shipped as it becomes available, and I must then pay for freight. I have received items where the freight was almost as much as the item. These freight costs will cause bike and accessory purchases, bike rental rates, and bike repairs to go up in price.

Ptown Bikes is now required to accept e-bike batteries for recycling for Trek and Specialized e-bikes. They are now adding a $20 surcharge for all new e-bikes purchased. That cost will be passed on to the consumer.

The employee shortage is causing wages to go up. Wages went up 20% last year and I anticipate they will go up more this year. Employee housing is becoming even harder to find and is becoming more expensive. Workers just need to make more.

We will continue to try to keep prices down, but increases are inevitable.

On the bright side...

Bicycle Rental Rates at Ptown Bikes are better than almost any other city. We have better bikes and we charge less. Every year we offer an Early Bird Special for a $5-10 discount on a weekly bike rental reservation made by March 15.

You won't find any better quality bicycle repair work anywhere and ours is much less expensive than Boston and other cities.

Our new bike rates are comparable to anywhere else. We were able to give more discounts in previous years when we were able to control our costs better.

It's a different world now, and I ask for your understanding and patience.

Thank you, thank you,

Bill Meadows and the staff of Ptown Bikes

See you in 2022!

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